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Ten Thousand Angels

01 Ten Thousand Angels

02 No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus

03 What A Friend We Have In Jesus

04 I need The Every Hour

05 Tis So Sweet

06 My Jesus I Love Thee

07 Abide With Me

08 Softly And Tenderly

09 Lead Me To Calvary

10 There's Room At The Cross For You



The Best of Billy Gaines

01 Other side of this trial

02 Blood Washed

03 Come drink at my table

04 Friend Indeed

05 Always Triumphant

06 You are Faithful Lord

07 The same all the time

08 A promise that I will keep

09 All day praising you

10 Underlined

11 Trust me

12 At Jesus feet

13 Compromise

14 The one with in

15 Keep on pressing on



He’ll Find A Way

01 We've Got A Reason To Celebrate

02 He'll Find A Way

03 Always Triumphant

04 The Artist

05 Love Is The Reason

06 All Day Praising You

07 God's Amazing Love

08 Keep On Pressing On

09 How Great His Heart Must Be



Friend Indeed

01 Make Up Your Mind

02 While You Wait

03 Friend Indeed

04 He Says

05 Underlined

06 Compromise

07 Blood Washed

08 Faith In A Dangerous Place

09 Forgive

10 Till The Day



No One Loves Me Like You

01 No One Loves Me Like You Do

02 If You Only Knew

03 Trust Me

04 I Found Someone

05 The One Within

06 Thats the Life.mp3

07 I Know

08 Promised Land

09 I Will Be Pleased

10 That Is Why



Love’s The Key

01 Love's the Key

02 Right Here at Home

03 I've Got Joy

04 All I Need to Know

05 The Same All the Time

06 He's Watching over You

07 At Jesus' Feet

08 I Remind Myself

09 I'll Stand for You

10 Breathe on Us



Come On Back

01 All Comes Down

02 Freedom

03 Come on Back

04 A Promise That I Will Keep

05 So Good

06 Just Like My

07 Other Side of This Trial

08 Gotta Love Sombody

09 Forever

10 You Will Always Be There



Billy and Sarah Gaines

01 He's Risen In Me

02 You Are Faithful

03 I Am Convinced

04 The Part That No One Sees

05 In His Eyes

06 Mourning Into Dancing

07 There's No Greater Love

08 Glory To God In The Highest

09 Come Drink At My Table

10 Then The World Will Know

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